Human Relations Commission

From the Code of Ordinances:

§ 32.075  PURPOSE.

The Human Relations Commission is established to promote mutual understanding and respect for multi-culturalism and diversity, advocate for peace and justice and encourage tolerance and constructive communication in order to develop a functional, safe and harmonious community. The Commission will work to safeguard equal opportunity, overcome divisiveness, violence and all forms of discrimination against people for reasons including nationality, religion, race, class, physical and mental disability, gender, marital status and sexual orientation.

(Ord. 507, passed 10-26-2004)


Current Members

Damian Tomasik (expires 7/1/2023)
Russ Gordon (Chair) (expires 7/1/2023)
Ismira Lokmic (Treasurer) (expires 7/1/2023)
Edin Alesevic (expires 7/1/2023)
Najib Alwan (expires 7/1/2022)
Shuab Chowdhury (expires 7/1/2022)
Syed Khair (expires 7/1/2022)
Abu Zuber (expires 7/1/2021)
Gias Talukder (expires 7/1/2021)
Justin Jessop (expires 7/1/2021)
Karim Monzurul (expires 7/1/2022)
Mohammed Muhit (expires 7/1/2021)


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